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"Golden Age"

  from the "New Archeology"
project  recycled material, epoxy resin, stainless steel,
h – 170 cm.

It seems that we are living in the golden age of mankind. We have access to many resources and opportunities, and the standard and quality of life today is much better than in the past. But there is also a reverse side of progress - devastation of lands, clogging of rivers and oceans, global warming, etc. What can we say about weapons, they have also undergone considerable progress, so one nuclear bomb is capable of destroying an entire metropolis.

This work is part of the large-scale project "New Archeology" and depicts a huge column, as if from an ancient excavation. But it is not made of marble, but of discarded plastic. The column is broken, and at the place of the break, the stainless steel is polished to a shine. The viewer will be able to see his reflection on a section of the column, and feel like a person living in the golden age of our civilization...

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