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"Soil sample"


author's technique

155/35/33 cm



2032, a town near Kyiv. The construction company decides to build a residential house on the outskirts of the city, and by all means conducts engineering and geological exploration. Soil sample is presented as a cylinder, to which a report on engineering-geological explorations is added. It carefully analyzes the soil condition and its physical and mechanical properties. It will be seen from the soil sample that the earth composition has completely changed. Why did this happen? Probably because most people are indifferent to the earth and do not pay attention to its problems, whereas the others know exactly how what is better for the earth and fill it with all sorts of "vitamins" and other useful things. We change the world around us despite the "opinion" of the world itself. What will change, if the land becomes not a state (that is nobody's) property, but receives a private owner? It depends on the owner himself, the level of his awareness of personal responsibility. After all, such a change took place in the enterprises a long time ago: almost all productions are private. So what? Do all owners care about the environment and the quality of the product? There are few in number. The same situation is possible in the agricultural sector, if the attitude of people does not change at all levels. And this is a question for lawmakers, those who follow the law, the education system and media.

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