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UNITY sculpture

Stainless Steel

m. Kyiv,

H - 450 cm



The work of Yegor and Nikita Zigura, installed in a park on the Dnieper embankment, is inextricably linked to the environment.

The project worked with the authors together with Ukrainian astrophysicists, whose calculations are between the male and female figure, with the gradual disappearance of the light from the horizon, the sun will pass.

The art object itself is made of over 1000 welded polished stainless steel rods and tubes, the height of the work exceeds 4.5 meters and its width is about 4 meters.

Yegor and Nikita Zigura have already resorted to welding techniques earlier: on the territory of KPI them. Igor Sikorsky installed the sculpture "New Prometheus", in the center of the city of Dnipro installed a new work of the brothers, called "R / evolution".

The unity sculptural composition and the landscaping were made thanks to the initiative and with the support of the International Charitable Foundation "Life with Excess" and Alexei Kotkovsky, one of the foundation's permanent patrons.

Art management is provided by

Location: Dniprovska embankment, 2A.

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