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The "Trace" eco-project

earth, stainless steel



The idea of ​​the project came to Nikita Zigura during his travels in Cherkashchyna and the search for answers in nature. The devastation and suffocation of Kyiv, smoked by the Chernobyl fires, confidently struck his inner harmony. And also set to dark thoughts about the traces of each person, about unconscious actions to destroy the planet.

When irrepressible Kyiv froze for two months and people hid in their homes, wild animals stopped being afraid and started exploring the vacated space. What will happen if (when) our civilization disappears altogether? It is already possible to make confident judgments in this regard: the exclusion zone is an indisputable example of ecosystem restoration and biodiversity under conditions of categorical non-interference.

Traces of animals and birds, perfectly preserved on the dirt road that goes in the direction of the field, raised multiple questions and concerns. Who owns this world? What was it like before our occupation? What trace do we leave behind, and why are we enough with what animals and birds have? Can't humanity meet its development needs in a simple, reproducible and sustainable way?

The footprints of a pack of dogs, a goat and a crow on the ground are pretty much everything they leave behind. This is a closed and healthy biocenosis, where all activities are balanced. And what will we leave — huge polluted cities, transformed and abandoned landscapes, flooded valleys and villages, destroyed nuclear power plants? What air will our descendants breathe with, where will they find clean water? On the hills of the once wild free lands is now a large congested city, there is no place for anyone but people. We oust everyone who does not benefit us or is simply disturbing. However, we ourselves are uncomfortable among the power lines and skyscrapers that block our blue sky, aren't we?

Ukraine is currently a land depleted of barbarous extraction of natural resources, obsolete infrastructure and complete indifference to the human situation and the environment. This idea may seem banal, but shouldn't we learn from animals not to leave excessive traces, but not to glorify our common habitat?

The planet must remain as pure as it was before humanity.

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