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Ecosculpture "Jellyfish LPDE"

epoxy resins, LEDs, secondary polyethylene

H - 185 cm


The problem of pollution of the oceans is now perhaps the most relevant topic of discussion for people concerned about the fate of our planet. Hundreds of endangered species of flora and fauna, kilometers of garbage, entire islands of plastic. How to solve this problem? Environmentalists, eco-activists are looking for and finding solutions. Artists, too, cannot stay away, experiencing, passing through the surrounding reality, we may find an alternative way of salvation. "LDPE jellyfish" is a sculpture born of secondary, unnecessary, harmful. LDPE is a marker of low density polyethylene. As if what was dirt, unnecessary that people threw away, the very disagreement with such barbarity, creates a new, destroyed through her life.

 We plan to create the project from transparent and semi-transparent plastic bags, glued together with polyester resins. It is possible to mount light diodes inside. 

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