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New Prometheus

stainless steel, metal, solar panels

H-8 m



Новий Прометей 10 (2) 1.jpg
Новий Прометей вид вечером (1).JPG
Новый Прометэй (деталь).DSC_0855 1.JPG

The mythical story of Prometheus is very much in line with our time. In ancient myth, the gods, sitting on Olympus, hid from humanity a fire that could warm anyone, and now oil and other carbon magnates sitting at the top of the pyramid control the fate of the world. In the Greek myth Prometheus gave people this fire and life became a little easier for everyone, and the "new" Prometheus should give away to everyone who wants a share of a new "pure" fire! Perhaps feeling the benefits of sun energy will change people's minds.

Stella, 8 meters high, made of stainless steel. Prometheus holds in his hands a symbolic image of the sun, into which the solar modules are mounted. These batteries accumulate energy to power the spotlights that illuminate the figure in the evening. Also, solar energy is powered by built-in Wi-Fi, which covers the entire Knowledge Area (the place where the monument is installed). Students and teachers of Kyiv Polytechnic are now able to use Wi-Fi for free. The idea of ​​this sculpture is conveyed by words that are carved on metal: "The energy of the sun is the energy of thought!". This energy is given to humans, as in the ancient legend of Titan Prometheus.

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