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Water crisis

New archeology

Throughout the history of civilization, art has appeared in two formations. In the first version, it served the interests of the ruling class, in the second it informed about the problems of the present (critical art). Our world is changing and so do the primary issues. Previously, artists talked about their social inequality, slavery, suffering, which were the primary challenges of those times, but today we can see the new challenges that art responds to. Manipulating consciousness, mass culture, globalization etc... One of the most pressing problems of humanity today is the ecology problem. We have not encountered it before, there are no examples of artistic interpretation, rethinking. This issue differs from others in its time span: not "yesterday-today-tomorrow", but "today-tomorrow". This is why the artistic decision is often indicated with agitating, somewhat poster-like motives. This is comparable to art during the war, because it it is straightforward and categorical. In my opinion, in a few generations, completely different artistic statements on this subject will emerge. In these projects my creative path intersects with lifestyle and thinking. Sorting garbage, planting plants, caring for things, making meaningful consumption from an early age was an axiom for me. Thus there is no need to meet the image, delve into the issues, wait for the inspiration.


The New Archeology project is an organic extension of life. Art in this embodiment acts as a concentrate of a certain substance. A kind of "squeeze" of the problem. While working on projects, I felt that garbage had very negative, destructive energy. But in the process of its transformation into something else, the energy field changes. Maybe this is the way to overcome such a major problem. There is a certain ritual of purification, and at the end we receive an object that carries a colossal charge of positive energy. Unlike installation art, my projects are primarily about aesthetics, and then the viewer understands the conceptual component of objects. This return path is faster to grasp than the first. Doing garbage from garbage will not be art. It is difficult to get rid of didacticism in the projects. That is why I do so, that at first glance it is unclear what this is made of and why. Traveling in India, I realized that consciousness is constantly lagging behind reality. In their minds Indians live like 100 years ago, when there was no general production of plastic, polyethylene etc. They used to throw banana peels under their feet, where they were eaten by cows. It has been honed for thousands of years with a harmonious existence with nature. Now everyone throws away polyethylene and cows eat it too. The world has changed, but not the consciousness. The world is changing at the breakneck speed. The way of life, that was wonderful yesterday, is not suitable today at all. I think, that this applies not only to ecology.

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