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Acrylic, paintwork, stainless steel, gilding, height - 165 cm. 2022

The sculpture allegorically depicts a ripe red apple, shiny and bright - this symbolizes our society that seeks abundance, and often luxury. On the surface of the art object, there are cracks in the middle of which you can see the remains of a "beautiful" life: plastic bottles, cellophane bags and disposable cups. The culminating point is a knife stuck almost to the handle itself, which represents cruelty on the way to wealth.

The combination of rich red and gold creates the brilliance and luxury of royal palaces, because these colors have always been a sign of a noble family. Human nature has a desire for wealth and power, but now every fifth person on the planet lives like a king of the 18th century. The desire for abundance and ostentatious wealth has always existed, but only in our time is it possible to live so comfortably for such a large number of people, and all that "cheap" excess turns into tons of plastic and other garbage.

The sculpture combines two projects: "Eden" and "New Archeology". In the first, symbolic fruits with various patterns on the surface, with a double or even triple meaning; in the second, clear, aesthetic geometric shapes are created from secondary raw materials (plastic or metal). Both projects, although completely different in terms of visual style, talk about the environmental and social problems of today.

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