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Philosophical Sculpture Park


metal, welding, height 320 cm.


Mankind consumes resources thoughtlessly and spontaneously, and this is especially true of the planet's water resources. Almost a meager part of humanity luxuriates in unlimited access to clean water, and the vast majority must be satisfied with its minimum. Made of metal wire, the sculpture "Drop" resembles a vine intertwined with shoots like a drop. The fact that the art object touches the plane of water and seems to have grown out of it, symbolizes unity with the environment and the depletion of natural resources.

The modern world is setting too fast a pace, which is quite noticeable in megacities. We are trying to catch up with each other, to catch up with time. Therefore, within the city are extremely necessary places of comfort, to unite with yourself. For example, in the valley of the Lybid River, a small area of nature has been preserved, hidden among the industrial zone and residential buildings. The location has retained its original authenticity - it is a piece of "green" diversity with a small lake around which the capital is being built. The space around and the considerable architectural structures set the tone. The created sculptures, art objects, accumulate the surrounding space, and aim to engage the viewer in a dialogue with the inner and outer worlds

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