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Philosophical Sculpture Park

The modern world sets too fast a pace, which is quite felt in megacities. We try to catch up with each other, catch up with time. Therefore, places of comfort, for union with oneself, are extremely necessary within the city limits. For example, in the valley of the Lybid River, a small area of ​​nature remained, hidden among the industrial zone and residential buildings.

The location has preserved its original authenticity - it is a patch of "green" diversity with a small lake, around which the capital is being built. The surrounding space and considerable architectural structures set the tone. We have created meaningful sculptures, art objects that accumulate the surrounding space and involve the viewer in a dialogue with the outside and the inside.

All sculptures have a single consonance of ideas - the place of man and nature in today's world. How much "space" should each of them occupy so that harmony remains? Where does the infinite possibilities of mankind end and the era of awareness of consequences begins?

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